The Patriarch: A Mini Comic


Affinty Photo


A birthday gift for my incredible dad.

My dad has always loved comic books. He's had a giant collection of old Marvel comics for longer than I've been alive, so I thought that a comic featuring our family would be the perfect gift. I would call it The Patriarch. It would be amazing.

At some point during all of the excitement of coming up with this great idea, I remembered that I couldn't draw. But since I'm no quitter, I instead decided that I would find art online and arrange them into panels to mimick that signature comic style, and include the portraits I'd made previously to make it all a sort of character guide.

I spent hours scrolling on Pinterest to find art that worked (a huge thanks to all of the artists!) but eventually got everything together and made it work, and I'm so proud of how it turned out.

Take a look at a few of the pages below! And check out the Polygonal Portraits that went with it.