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Wicked Brew Candle Company was a random idea I had that eventually evolved during a class social media project.

I love the smell of coffee, but I'm not a big fan of drinking it (I'm more of a tea person). It was a dilemma that I felt, at the time, desperately needed a solution. And so Wicked Brew, a candle company that produces coffee and tea scented candles, was born and subsequently stored away.

The idea resurfaced during a Social Media Management project, and my group and I spent the semester expanding on the Wicked Brew brand and building up our social media campaign: Candles for a Cause.

Since this was my brainchild, I took on the leadership position for the duration of the project. Together, we designed four scents whose proceeds would go towards a specific charity: Busy Bee to support the bees, Amazonian for reforestation of the Amazon, Polar Cappuccino to aid in climate change research, and resTEAsy to support mental health awareness.